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I present my first annual report for the annual general meeting of the East Anglia Mark Benevolent Association.

Last year, my predecessor reported a disappointingly low number of grant applications from constituent Lodges and, in spite of a reminder a few weeks before the deadline, this year's result is not much better. It is, perhaps, the duty of Lodges to support their local charities, rather than just their right to do so.

Last year, the Trustees endorsed a second tranche of £1000 to the Suffolk Provincial Grand Lodge festival, and made donations as outlined in the Treasurer's report and accounts, some making use of the Provincial Grand Master's discretionary fund. It should be noted that the 2018-19 major donation of £15,000.00 in total, to the three branches of SSAFA, were actually made in the year 2017-18, to take account of the immediacy of the needs of the Charity.

The use of GiftAid envelopes is always to be encouraged: the return to the Fund is immense, and it is a pity to waste an opportunity to increase the very generous sums donated by the Brethren. If your Lodge Charity Steward or Treasurer need supplies of envelopes, or help with the system, they should please contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the Provincial Charity Steward (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) - details also in the Year Book.

Finally, I thank my fellow Trustees for welcoming me on board, and my predecessor, W.Bro. Richard Hawes, for his patience in assisting me through quite a steep learning curve.

You can download our full accounts below after logging in:

Tom Auber, Secretary, E.A.M.B.A.

EAMBA CHARITY COMMITTEE ANNUAL MEETING 12th April 2017: Secretary's Report


I present my annual report for the general meeting of East Anglian Mark Benevolent Association.

Once again despite notification of the deadline for grant applications being circulated the response from lodges has been, to say the least disappointing. I feel it is time to revisit the system.

At our 2016 annual meeting the trustees endorsed grants of a further £1000 towards the Sussex festival and £1000 to the Suffolk Provincial Grand Lodge festival. It was also agreed to help Age UK with assistance of up to £100 towards a Sara lift.

The trustees felt that one other application needed to be more specific as to how any money would be spent.

The PGM’s discretionary fund has proved it’s worth.

The use of gift aid envelopes continues to be worthwhile but there seems to be a drifting away from the importance of their use. We have ample stock available, with the new H.M.R.C. wording to enable us to comply with the new regulations. If your lodge charity steward needs further supplies please do not hesitate to contact myself or our provincial charity steward Trevor Tinley, contact details are in the year book.

Once again I thank my fellow trustees for their support and prompt action when dealing with urgent requests.

Richard Hawes, Secretary E.A.M.B.A.

Sussex 2019 Festival for the Mark Benevolent Fund


A letter from the Province of Sussex concerning the recent donation of £1000 to the Sussex 2019 Festival for the Mark Benevolent Fund, raised at the recent S.M.A.R.T. demonstration.


Christmas 2014 presentation of £300 to Jimmy's, Cambridge:


Jimmy's wrote to the W Assistant Provincial Grand Master in thanks for the recent donation of £300 from the EAMBA. Their letter also describes some of the invaluable work they do for the homeless. See also http://jimmyscambridge.net/ (opens in new window).


Mark Masonry Supports Open Christmas


Following a request to GYMA by Open Christmas Great Yarmouth for funding to assist them to provide a Christmas day meal for 300 of the homeless and lonely of Great Yarmouth, Youell Lodge made a request to the Province, which resulted in a donation from the EAMBA (East Anglia Mark Benevolent Association) of £250, to which the Lodge added another £100.

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