Provincial Mark Weekend at Winchester

MarkWeekend 2019 128

Our canine correspondent HEIDI, aka “the Mascot” writes (!):

It was party party party all weekend, I hardly had time to enjoy my roast beef! All those gorgeous people in their stunning 1920’s costumes. What a challenge it must have been for our PGM to choose one from such an array, but he did.

We then danced the night away to the sounds of a 7 piece band with Gary Grace singing his heart out. I left early…..needed a walk (know what I mean?).

The magical weekend started for some early on Friday morning with a visit to the Sapphire Gin Factory. This informative and interesting tour was enjoyed by us all and we learned about the ingredients in the gin. We all had a sniff of some of the botanicals, some tasted like my old fluffy toys, and they put that in gin?

A comprehensive buffet dinner was available on the Friday evening for all, I had a little. A few tasty morsels found their way into my bowl too!

Saturday dawned, it was raining (again), but undaunted by this a number of us went into historic Winchester. Some went to view the historic cathedral, others went to shop and others went to the working walker mill. I went for a walk, and we got soaked.

We all had to be dressed and at the reception at 5.45pm. We came into a throng of happy people all who had enjoyed their day, all of whom were going to have an enjoyable evening. The doors opened to the dining room and there was an audible gasp of amazement at the beautiful dining room all dressed with balloons and sparkling glasses - what a sight. I was sent to bed!! Later they told me the dancing lasted for hours and even our beloved PGM and his wife Claire were tripping the light fantastic.

I think Tim and Kerry Ridley should have a medal for all their hard work in the organisation of such an fantastic weekend. Everyone had fun and we raised £1,000 for the East Anglian Mark Benevolent Association. A winning combination of fun, frolics, Freemasonry and Mark sparkle.

You will see hundreds of pictures on our website and Facebook. Have a look and find your favourite, mine are below.

Paul Norman

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