Our Province is encouraging all of its Members, their families and friends to join the


The Provincial Grand Master is giving his 100% support to this initiative as you will see from his letter on this page.

Your Lodge Charity Steward will have all the information you require to help you come to a decision and you can link up to the NHS Web page through this site. Please consider this request – read the stories on the web page- confirm how easy it is [once you have made that decision] to join-speak to your family about it, ensure they know and agree with your wishes.

The Province would like to think that we as Mark Masons can offer our communities and the wider population something tangible which we will be no longer in need of, something that can and does change and give life-

Organ Donation.

Trevor Tinley
Provincial Charity Steward



It has now been a year since the Province started its programme to give information out about the Organ Donation process and to encourage Brethren and their family/friends to contemplate becoming part of the scheme should circumstances permit and in any case to complete their registration.

Following the very informative talk given at the Provincial meeting there was a lot of interest shown which transposed itself into people signing up to the scheme. We have heard in the last few days that there are still 3 people dying every day in this country because of the lack of donated organs. The transplant rate has increased steadily over the past few years in line with the skill of the surgeons and this does mean that more organs are required. Last year did see a record number of transplants take place but no one is complacent - more effort to get more donors signed up is required.

Brethren there is still a need to sign and if you have not done so reconsider and do so now. You could make the life of one or more people much more bearable and in most cases save the life of another [in some cases more than 1] - which is fantastic when your own need is no more.

Make sure you inform your relatives of the decision made and to encourage them to sign the form as well. All this can be done on-line, go to the Provincial web site and follow the link. Make a good start to 2015- sign up today.

Trevor Tinley, P.P.G.J.W.
Provincial Grand Charity Steward.