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Keystone Appeal 2018: February update

Time is now running short before the end of the Keystone Appeal we have only 5 months left. In that period of time we need to make sure we have reached the set target and that all the contributions have been sent and recorded. It is essential to recognise the efforts made by individuals and lodges in the continued support they have shown and the targets they have reached. The lapel badge is clearly seen on numerous Brethren and it is particularly good when the W.M. of the Lodge wears the one awarded to his Lodge for its combined effort.

The Appeal itself is moving steadily towards its goal and I have no doubt that a successful outcome is on the verge of being achieved. However, all Lodges and Brethren are reminded that if you intend to make a contribution-do it now!

Your donations have once again proved to be vital in the help supplied to the recipient of the 2018 Major Grant from the EAMBA. You will be aware of the good that SSAFA does and you will no doubt read more about this organisation over the coming weeks. It is in the spotlight due to the vast increase in support now being sort by service and ex-service personnel and your donations have made a sizable grant possible which in turn makes a sizable difference to that organisation in terms of its local operations. Presentations to each of the Branches covering our Province will be made in the near future.

More news will follow about the St. Johns Ambulance renewal programme, we have one in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and the third will be in North Essex, South Suffolk area, again more information on these handover dates will be forthcoming soon.

The final report from Break is imminent and will be published on this web site before the end of the month. The programme run, with the Grant provided by you, has had some remarkable results- all will be made clear.

Getting back to the Keystone Appeal 2018, you will recall the donations were agreed to be split 60%-40% with the later going to our own local resources. This has enabled valuable assistance to be given to charities who work with and for the people in our communities, a remarkable achievement manifesting itself in the two major EAMBA Grants. Only achievable by your efforts!

Maintain the commitment for the next few months and the accumulative outcome will be fantastic.

W. Bro.Trevor Tinley
Provincial Grand Charity Steward

Break Report:

Sussex 2019 Festival for the Mark Benevolent Fund - letter of thanks:


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