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Keystone Appeal 2018: November update

Brethren it is now nearing the end of another calendar year, one that has seen the Keystone Appeal 2018 move near to its target and as we move into the last few months of the Appeal itself there is a need to look at what we as individuals can do and indeed what our Lodges can do to ensure the target is reached. I have been in contact with a number of Lodges, to update them on the progress they have made and I sense there is a need to give an extra final push, not because Brethren have forgotten the Appeal but because the Lodges do not know where they stand regarding donations. If you need to know, please contact your Lodge Charity Steward or myself and we will give you the up-to-date figure. The last few months of the Appeal are just as important as the first few and the Keystone expectations are within reach. At the rate we are progressing and taking into account the enthusiasm of the Province there is no doubt of a successful end result.

The EAMBA is actively looking to make another donation to a local Charity that covers all three of our Provincial Counties. There has been a considerable amount of effort put in thus far to establish who would benefit by such a donation, watch this space for an enouncement, hopefully, before the New Year.

Our own MBF has, once again, invested in the Province by providing a car for “Serv Norfolk Blood” this is being handed over on the 17th November at the Masonic Hall in Great Yarmouth. Details of the event, after the presentation, will be provided on the Provincial web site. Again Brethren, the MBF is dispensing your donations to best effect and continuing to make a difference where it has been requested to do so. As with any donation there is a lot of hard work that is carried out before an announcement and donation are made, this pattern was followed here and it proves that the consistency of the process is essential to enable a transparency to be obtained, one that Mark Masons require for all their donations.

The usual request is made , that if you /your Lodge requires anything to enable you to contribute towards the Appeal total, please inform your Lodge Charity Steward or contact me and we will ensure all your needs are met. Thank you for all your efforts so far, they are appreciated and you know that they will make a difference within our own Province.

Trevor Tinley
Provincial Grand Charity Steward

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